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Woicik Minecraft Server

Minecraft VersionThe server is running the latest version of Minecraft the last time the server was started.  I will upgrade it to the lastest version when the kids ask me to turn on the server.

I have tested the Windows version of Minecraft but the Mac version should be able to connect also.  The iPhone, iPad, Android and Xbox versions can't connect.

The server is configured with the following settings:

  • Structures - true
  • NPCs - true
  • Nether - true
  • Difficulty - easy
  • Gamemode - creative
  • Flight - true
  • Monsters - true
  • Animals - true
  • PvP - true
ServerThe server will allow 4 concurrent players.  The server is configured with a whitelist so only approved players are allowed.  Please email your Minecraft profile name to (matt at woicik.com) so I can add you to the whitelist.

The server is hosted on a virtual server on Microsoft Azure.  It isn't turned on all the time.  Send an email to my address above and let the kids know you want to play.
Code of ConductPlease have fun on our Minecraft server but please respect the buildings made by others.  Please don't destroy, change or add to them with asking first.
ModsAt the present time, no mods are installed on the server.
How to connect
  1. Buy and download Minecraft at the Minecraft Store.
    • You will have to register an account and then create a profile name.
  2. Start Minecraft to download the game files.
  3. Click the Multiplayer button.
  4. Click the Add Server button.
  5. For the Server Address, type: minecraft.woicik.com
  6. Click Done
  7. Click the Server called "Welcome to Woicik Kid's World"
  8. Click Join Server
CommandsChat - click on the T key and then type your message.

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