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Weather camera improvements

With the reverse of going back to the Logitech QuickCam C910 under Windows 7, I decided to double-check that no other camera solution would give a sharp image.

I first searched for cameras used for time-lapse scenarios.  Most I found where DSLR cameras and that wasn’t really an option on price.

I next looked at outdoor wireless cameras.  This was intriguing since it would eliminate the issue of having the camera inside and pointing through the window.  But, after finding some images, these devices were really meant for low-light situations at night.  There daylight color rendering was just off.

I was thinking maybe I would buy a Microsoft web camera and try that.  I was searching on the weather forum websites for suggestions and stumbled on to a posting about near-sighted webcams.  This was really interesting.  Apparently the webcams think infinity focus is anything between 3’ and infinity.  This makes sense because that is what their purposes is.  There are correction lenses used for DSLR camera that fix eyesight.  The key is to put these diopter eyepieces in front of the webcam lens.

I decided to order one and give it a try.  It arrived a few days later from Amazon and I attached it using some wire like one of the posters did.  It was late in the day but the image did look better.  I found a backup image and compared the two.  It was better.  WOW!!!