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BloomSky and IFTTT

BloomSky has a blog called Weatherlution.  One of the posts was about how to use the BloomSky with IFTTT.   IFTTT is short for  “if this, then that”.  I had heard about it before but never had a reason to use it.  BloomSky had created some recipes on IFTTT so I decided to take a look.

  • There were a number to share share a picture of the day or the time-lapse on Twitter or Facebook.
  • There was one to send rain notification to your email.  I tried this one but immediately turn it off.  When it started raining one day, I got the first message and then a number of additional ones.  It was still raining so that made sense but wish there was some sort of delay between emails.
  • There was one to write to a Google Spreadsheet when new data comes in.  I tried this one but wasn’t sure what I could do with the data besides just recording it.  It was just the raw data dump.  I found in the dashboard where you could download the data but that command didn’t look like it had a date range but then realized it just exported what the display was so you could set the date range there.
  • The one I was most interested in was the ability to save the daily time-lapse to Dropbox or OneDrive.  I was thinking it might work to post the image to my blog automatically similarly to what I do with my current weather camera.  However, the time-lapse stopped working so not sure what is up there.

Overall, the integration with IFTTT looked very interesting but sort of limited.  The data seems to be there but the actions seem limited.