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Weather Web Page and Auto-Refresh

Using the ImageSalsa demo and Fling, I was able to create a JPG of the current weather condition every 60 seconds and upload it to the web server.

The next step was to create a web page.  I used the basic webpage I had created for my personal website as a template.  I cleaned up the HTML code and added some DIV tags.  I added the link to the JPG but didn’t like the large size of the JPG so I reduced the scale of the JPG.  However, I added a hyperlink to view the JPG at full size.

The other feature I wanted to add was an auto-refresh.  I started to do some research and found out the best way was to use JavaScript.   I found one code sample that liked.  It automatically put a countdown timer in the lower left corner of the web page.  However, the timer didn’t show up when I upload the code to the web server.

I next found some code that would do the auto-refresh but didn’t display anything on the page.  So, I continued to search and found a simple countdown timer.  So, I added both JavaScript code to the webpage and everything worked like I wanted.