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ImageSalsa Beta and Fling

In addition to the FTP issue, I noticed that the maximum resolution in ImageSalsa was 640×480.  However, I purchased the Logitech C910 because it supported HD resolution up to 1280×720.  I remembered in my initial searching seeing something about higher resolutions in ImageSalsa.  I found the post that mentioned a beta version.

I found the ImageSalsa beta web page and downloaded that version.  After doing some more searching, I found a reference to the new Video –> Configure Input Devices.  This allowed me to configure the higher resolution.  I went back into the canvas properties and increased the size of the canvas.

My web hosting provider answered my question by saying that FTP should work.  So, I started doing some more research and I remembering seeing other posts that they used another FTP program.  The program was Fling.

Fling is a FTP program that supports automate uploading.  You can configure Fling to watch a folder and upload the content via FTP when the files change.  I configure it for my ImageSalsa folder and it uploaded the files perfectly.

So, next to create a web page.