How to setup a weather camera computer?

My plan was to use an old Toshiba TabletPC for the weather camera computer.  I had already re-installed the Windows XP operating system a few months back so it was pretty clean.  I downloaded the latest drivers for the Logitech C910 and started the installation.  Everything was going fine.  I selected the minimum options since I figured I would control the camera from ImageSalsa.  The install was going very slowing but it was an old Pentium III computer with 512 MB of RAM.  I left the computer and when I got back, it had blue screened.  I tried installing again and another blue screen.

The next day, I did some research and found a similar posting and note to download an earlier version of the software and driver.  I uninstalled the latest version and installed the earlier version.  This time the software installed.  However, the picture was terrible with vertical lines going through it.  I did some more research and someone mentioned to switch it from standard resolution to widescreen.  I did and the picture cleared up but only shortly and then went completed gray.  I couldn’t get any picture to return.  I decided to accept the prompts to upgrade but then another blue screen.  So, I downgraded again and same results.

I had a old Pentium 4 desktop computer laying around that was a 2 GHz processor and 1.5 GB of RAM.  I decided to just install the C910 and see if it worked on this computer.  I used the latest driver and it worked on the first try.  It did give me a warning about being a USB2 device even though I thought the computer had USB2 ports.  So, I reformatted the computer and reinstalled Windows XP.  After patching with Service Pack 3 and the latest security updates, I noticed a USB controller driver was missing.  I tried to install it and let it check Windows Update.  That was the USB2 ports and I plugged the C910 installed that driver.  Everything was installed and working.

The next step was to do some tests and find a place to put it.

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