New Weather Station

I started to do some research for a new weather station.  I wanted something the next level higher than my previous weather station.  I started doing some research and found Davis Instruments.  They had a full range of products but at first I didn’t think this was the right company because of the price.  But, then I found the Vantage Vue.

The Vantage Vue had all the features of my previous weather station but was much better.  First, the outdoor sensor unit was integrated into one unit.  It also looked more rugged.  Second, the console was bigger with a better layout of buttons and data.  I liked what I saw.  I found it on Amazon (Davis Instruments 6250 Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Station ) and the price wasn’t too bad but not in the budget right now.  But, given the last weather station lasted so long, I thought this would be a good investment.  I put in on my Amazon wish list along with the Davis Instruments Mounting Pole Kit and the Davis Instruments WeatherLink USB Software.

I was interested in the WeatherLink software because you could download the weather data to a computer.  I thought it might be nice to store this data.  I looked at the IP version which had a network port and could upload directly to a website but the price was almost double.  The USB version still said you could upload to the Internet but needed a computer.  I have a few older Windows XP computers around the house so I figured the USB option was the way to go.

I waited a few months and monitored the price on Amazon.  It fluctuated a few times but still no money in the budget.  Finally, the budget was available.  I started to re-think ordering from Amazon because it was being sold by a few different vendors.  I did some searching and found Ambient Weather.  I liked the fact that they only sold weather related products. They didn’t have a price but you could email for a quote.  The quote was a lot lower than Amazon.  So, I ordered the weather station and mounting pole.  I need to wait a few months to save up the money for the software.

In my browsing around the Ambient Weather website, I noticed some products for weather cameras.  I hadn’t thought about doing weather pictures but since I was going to use a spare computer, I thought I should research this topic more.