How to setup up a Vantage Vue weather station?

VantageVueWeatherStationThe Vantage Vue arrived.  Inside the box was the Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS) and the console.  I also ordered a pole mounting kit.

The Integrated Sensor Suite was basically pre-assembled and looked a lot better as a single unit than my previous weather station.  There was a brief assembly process to attach the wind cups, wind vane, debris screen, rain collector tipping spoon assembly and the battery.  It went together very quickly.

VantageVueConsoleI next added three “C” batteries to the console unit and followed the initial startup procedures.  The only thing that I had to look up was my latitude and longitude.  Once it was turned on, the console and sensor suite started communicated wirelessly.

MountingPoleI took a look at the pole mounting kit.  It was basically two interlocking metal tubes.  The manual said it was designed to connect to a wood post.  However, I was going to mount next to another metal post that is part of a chain linked fence in my backyard.  So, the next day I went to a hardware store to get a longer metal pipe.  The requirements were the post needed to be between 1” and 1-3/4”.  Their mounting kit was 1-1/4” so I figured that was the best size.  I had a slight issue thinking about how to get a 10’ metal pipe into my SUV.  But, it fit.

The next day I cut the 10’ pipe into two sections to make it easier to wrap the bottom section around the existing fence pole and secure that with straps.  I then used a coupler for the top section.  I took the top section and attached the sensor unit.  I then took that whole assembly outside and attached it to the bottom section.  It looked great!!!

I checked the console unit and date was flowing in.  I took a quick glance at the console manual and found the command to reset all the data.  My next step is to read the console manual and figure out all the features.