Best weather web camera

I started to look at better Microsoft LifeCams.  I liked the LifeCam Cinema.  It wasn’t the most expensive but did have HD resolution and auto focus.  The appearance was also nice.

I next did some Google searching to see if anyone had successfully using the LifeCam Cinema with ImageSalsa.  I didn’t really find anyone say so definitely that combination did work.  I did find one weather website that had success with a Logitech C525 and ImageSalsa.

So, I started doing more research into Logitech models figuring that my QuickCam worked and so does the C525 model.  I settled on the Logitech C910.  I liked the HD resolution, auto focus and the Carl Zeiss optics.  It was the top of the line model and the discount made it only $22 more than the C525.  I ordered one from Amazon.