How to configure WeatherLink Internet Features?

WeatherLink provides a number of sample HTML templates to post current and historical weather data.

The first step is to configure the Internet Settings in WeatherLink.  Go to the Setup menu and then Internet Settings.

  • Check – Connect through a local server if using a always-on broadband Internet connection.
  • Enter appropriate FTP information.  I created a subfolder called \conditions.
  • My webhosting company needed to have Use Passive Mode checked.
  • Proxy Settings – Direct
  • Set a local path.  I choose a dedicated folder like F:\templates\

The sample HMTL templates are located in the C:\WeatherLink\Sample Templates folder.  Though I have a Vantage VUE, I selected the “Vantage” folders since the other folders were matched to different models of Davis weather stations.  In the folder is a RTF file which explains how to use the sample template files.  I wanted to use both the current and history template folders.  Here are the steps I went through:

  • I copied the sample files to the sample templates folder in the station Templates folder.  I created two subfolders called “conditions” and “history”.
  • I renamed “Current_Vantage.htx” to “currentweather.htx” and “History_Vantage_Pro.htx” to “historyweather.htx”
  • Set Local Transfer Enabled to On for testing purposes
  • I next followed the instructions on the Template Descriptions.rtf file to configure the Data Upload Profile to upload the appropriate Template files, Current Data images and Historical Data image.
    • I set the Plot Span to 1 week.
    • I found out I had to manually copy the Davis Logo.jpb and davisticker.class files to the local folder.  They were not possible to select as a Template File to Upload.
  • I selected to Upload every 1 minute and checked to Download Weather Station First.

I clicked OK and a few seconds later the Upload Progress screen appeared.  I went to F:\templates\ folder to see the results.  I double-clicked on the HTM files and everything looked good.

I set Local Copy Enabled to Off and set the Internet Transfer Enabled to On.  I copied the two files that didn’t copy locally to the FTP server manually.  I entered the URLs and both web pages loaded.  I added links on my website to the new web pages.

The last change I made was to set the Upload Interval to 5 minutes.