More Research of Weather Camera Software

Since I was convinced that ImageSalsa wasn’t the right choice and I couldn’t get the weather camera to work in Weather Display, I started over and searched for web camera software in general that could automatically upload an image and do a time-lapsed video.  I found these products:

  • Webcam XP
  • SebecTec
  • Willing Webcam
  • PhotoLapse
  • Yawcam
  • HandyAVI

Webcam XP didn’t have a time-lapse feature.  SebecTec only worked with a specific Olympus camera.  Willing Webcam looked good.  PhotoLapse just converted a JPG sequence to an AVI file.  Yawcam looked good.  HandyAVI couldn’t do single imaging.

I looked at Yawcam first.  It did met all the requirements and was even free.  However, though it did have some forums and did have a few upgrades in the 2011, that lack of a purchase price made me feel like it was just a hobby project.

Willing Webcam also meet all the requirements.  It had a forum and a large amount of support and FAQ content.  All the features were fully documented.  The price was reasonable for the full version at $59.95.

I tested both Yawcam and Willing Webcam.  I decided to move forward with Willing Webcam.