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Current BloomSky Weather at the Woicik home 

The data and images below is looking at the sky from our backyard window.

This web page will automatically refresh in 60 seconds.

Our Bloomsky weather device at Lake Tapps - 164th Avenue Ct E

Temperature: 64.2°F
Humidity: 36 %
Pressure: 29.59 inhg
Is it raining?: No
UVIndex: 9999
Luminance: 9999 cd/m2
Voltage: 2673 mv
Is it nighttime?: No
Last data uploaded at: Feb 21 2018 4:44pm PST

Current Time: 1519260330
Current Time minus 15 minutes: 1519259430
Last Date: Feb 21 2018 4:44pm PST
Convert Last Data: 1519260240


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